Over 1.5 Million albums sold!
Seven #1 songs!
Over 1500 Concerts!

Teaching Students To Succeed By Living W.I.S.E.

W.I.S.E. = What I Sacrifice Everyday

Jeff Speaking

This short video shows youth speaker Jeff Jones speaking to students about how they can succeed by living W.I.S.E..

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Jeff's Story

  • Over 1.5 Million Albums sold
  • Over 1500 concerts in 49 states
  • Seven number 1 songs
  • Largest crowd- Over 50,000!

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Work With Jeff

Everything you need to know about working with Jeff and having him come and speak to your students in a keynote, workshop or breakout session.

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Are you living Plan B?

Have you ever made a list of what you wanted your life to look like? Be honest and don’t worry about being selfish. Have you ever written down all of the dreams and goals you wanted to achieve in life? Most people certainly have goals and dreams but few ever take the time to actually […]

Jeff Jones youth speaker

A Speaker with a Passion for Students

I’ve always loved talking. Ever since I was graded on conduct in school, I’ve wanted to share with others the passion I have for life. Little did I know, when I was a 2nd grader who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, that one day I would be a youth speaker traveling and talking in front […]