My family and I desperately need your help!

We’ve lived in Mobile all of our lives and are thankful to be living in our dream home. However, there are a few issues and upgrades in need of attention.

My wife is a school teacher of 19 years with the Mobile County public school system and I am the former drummer with the band Big Daddy Weave. I currently run an internet business from my home office and travel as a youth speaker on occasion when my schedule allows.

Below are a few pictures from 4 main areas. (Scroll to the bottom, sorry for the blank spaces, if viewing on a phone. There are 4 sections)

1)  Summer prep:  Pergola/deck-

The deck floor is in bad need of being replaced.

Not to mention we found a possum under it last month! We love it for entertaining but are embarrassed for anyone to see it now with the fear of them falling through.










































2) Kitchen on a budget:  Kitchen cabinet resurface/update-

We love our kitchen and countertops but the 16-year-old cabinets, although in great shape, are drab and in need up resurfacing or painting to brighten up the room.










































3) Storage:  Our garage and storage-

We would love to get both cars in our garage but with our current storage situation that is not a reality. We would like to have a more formal storage option.
































4) Summer Prep:  My office above the garage AC issues

My office is where I spent most of my day, however, even with a brand new outside dedicated unit, it still won’t get below 80 degrees in the summer, while continuing to run all day long. Click below for the short video I made to hear what’s going on.

Thanks so much for reading a little bit of our story. We would love any help you could offer.

We hope to hear from you soon!















Jeff, Stephanie, Hannah and Addison Jones

Jeff Jones-