A Speaker with a Passion for Students

Jeff Jones youth speaker

I’ve always loved talking. Ever since I was graded on conduct in school, I’ve wanted to share with others the passion I have for life. Little did I know, when I was a 2nd grader who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, that one day I would be a speaker traveling and talking in front of thousands.

There’s nothing more gratifying than connecting with a student and seeing them understand they can experience so much more than what they currently have. I love helping others make the connection in their life with how their daily decisions have a huge impact on the future and the legacy they will leave behind.

As all human do, you often think time is standing still. However, after recently having a big high school reunion, I was instantly made aware that time is rapidly moving on. Seeing people so many years later living a life so far from the life they once dreamed was a harsh reality. One of my favorite illustrations I make while speaking is the desire of so many at class reunions to take a time machine back to their teen years and do it all over again.

I love taking audiences on a journey that transports them beyond the present and into the future they could have if they only decide to take action. Making the sacrifices they need to make is often not fun, but the reward is great if they are willing to count the cost and pay the price.

Are you willing to count the cost? What do you need to sacrifice today so you can have the life you were created to live?






Posted on: March 5, 2015, by : Jeff Jones

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