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As the drummer with the band Big Daddy Weave for over 13 years, while off the road, Jeff started speaking every chance he had. After selling over 1.5 million albums and playing over 1500 concerts in multiple countries and 49 states in the U.S. he began to see a common desire among those he met. As they interacted he began connecting the dots to develop the message he shares today.

Now, as a full-time speaker and entrepreneur, Jeff gets to share the principles he’s learned and developed through life lessons over the years while performing in front of over 1 million people. Jeff’s mission is to help others live the life they were created to live.

Growing up as the short kid in school, it wasn’t always easy being the target of constant bullying and harassment. I remember, as a drummer in middle school band, I was so short I couldn’t carry my drum home by myself. So, thanks to my dad, I was the only kid in school with two drums. Playing the drums in school was something I used to discover who I was and who I wanted to become. If circumstances allow, I still like to briefly play drums from the stage, interacting with the audience while sharing a glimpse of what I used to do.

Other people’s opinions didn’t stop me from being the best I could be. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and knew as early as the 6th sixth grade I wanted to be a professional drummer. Getting there wasn’t easy, but worth every sacrifice along the way. From being the first person to ever win the title of 1st chair in the Alabama All-State band all four years of high school to being awarded four full-tuition scholarships and getting played on the radio and t.v. all around the world, I can honestly say I’ve lived my dreams.

Hearing countless stories of others who’ve shared their dreams and passions in life was a huge motivation for me to continue traveling and spreading a message of hope. Getting to have an impact on the lives of others is the greatest reward I’ve experienced in life.

Knowing someone has the ability to make a decision that can change the course of their life is powerful. Getting to be a part of that decision is incredibly humbling.

At every event, I am challenged to speak to the heart of everyone there. I know all it takes is one person to change the future and influence the lives of those around them, creating a chain reaction that can change others as well.

Knowing I’m making a difference in the lives of others is the only way I can leave the three ladies in my life when I travel to speak. They’re very supportive of what I do but are waiting by the door when they hear my car pull in the garage.


Here’s a recent quote from an FBLA advisor who attended a workshop I presented:


I wanted to say “Thank You” again for such an inspiring presentation at our state CTE conference. This was by far the best speaker/presenter I’ve witnessed in my eight years of attending this conference. I must admit that I normally dread this conference with a passion, but you helped breathe new life into it for me this year. I would love to see you as a guest speaker for future FBLA events. I truly believe the students would benefit from hearing you as well.”

Shellie B.
Commerce and Information Technology Teacher
FBLA Advisor